Accountable Leadership

A mayor who successfully leads is a mayor who listens and responds with forward-thinking plans of action. I believe that each and every member of our city deserves the respect of its municipal government. As your next mayor, I will work tirelessly for you by doing my part to make our local government far more transparent, accountable, and participatory.

City of Muncie Ethics Commission
As your next mayor, I will establish a City of Muncie Ethics Commission to ensure that City personnel are held to appropriately high standards of conduct. The Ethics Commission will review contracts, conflicts of interest, political activity, the misuse of position, property, or confidential information, and various types of disclosure statements. One key component of the Muncie Ethics Commission will be its Whistleblower Policy that allows total confidentiality of individuals disclosing observed misconduct.
Open Books
I will create a user friendly portal, known as “Open Books” that will allow access to information about the City’s finances, including the City’s annual budget, contracts, Federal and State grants, and past and present State Board of Accounts audits. It’s your city. You should know how we spend money.
Mayor’s Dashboard
Have you ever wondered how the City’s performing against its goals? More importantly, have you ever wondered if the City of Muncie has any stated goals? I will create and provide a web-based resource that shows where the City stacks up against its annual and long-term goals by way of what will be known as the Mayor’s Dashboard.
Volunteer Public Service Portal

Do you want to be involved but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. There are nearly three dozen municipal boards, commissions, and authorities that the mayor of Muncie appoints individuals to serve. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find out what the organizations are, if a vacancy exists, and what the terms are to serve. The City of Muncie does not update its website or share this information effectively with the public. As your next mayor, I will ensure the City’s website is regularly updated and the volunteer vacancies are prominently posted.

Mayor’s Participation at City Council
As your mayor, I will attend City Council meetings and I will ensure that all information presented has been provided to City Council and the public ahead of time so that informed decisions can be made on behalf of our citizens by both City Council and your city administration. I will also ensure that the City’s budget is prepared and presented in a timely fashion.


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