Our Best Story

We have what some believe to be an impossible task. All social and economic indicators point to concern for the foreseeable future for our city. Our declining population is a serious problem.

Muncie’s population and school enrollment have been in steady decline since 1967. Both have been accelerated by the Great Recession of 2007. Since then, our nation and many neighboring communities have benefitted from a 12% standard of living increase. Muncie, however, has experienced a 7% decrease.

  • New housing construction is non-existent.
  • Businesses have left our city.
  • Families have left our neighborhoods in search of others to teach our children.
  • Employers have difficulty maintaining a competent workforce due to our opioid crises.


These facts are irrefutable. 

These facts are irrefutable. 

If we don’t stop outward migration within the next few years, Muncie’s population will be less than that of Delaware County. That means our portion of Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) – which we rely on for various core city functions and services—could be significantly reduced. This could make our recovery even more difficult.

Some believe we can’t fix it. I know that we can fix it.

We can write a new dialogue that lifts up our neighborhoods and that creates greater economic prosperity. The impossible only takes a little longer than the possible. My promise to you? I’ll work tirelessly to help our community head towards prosperity.

We need to start writing our best story.

Accountable Leadership
A mayor who successfully leads is a mayor who listens and responds with forward-thinking plans of action. I believe that each and every member of our city deserves the respect of its municipal government. As your next mayor, I will work tirelessly for you by doing my part to make our local government far more transparent, accountable, and participatory.  READ MORE »
Thriving Neighborhoods
As your mayor, I will work tirelessly to help make our distressed neighborhoods safer and vibrant. We will work in partnership with neighborhood associations, the Muncie Action Plan, Ball State’s Building Better Neighborhoods Initiative and Community Engagement, local foundations, not-for-profits and private developers to create stronger neighborhoods.  READ MORE »
Economic Growth
This is a much heavier page to turn, but moving forward to a new, more prosperous chapter means everything for the future of our city. Around 1967, things started to change in Muncie. The global economy was well on its way to becoming far more competitive through diversification and automation.  READ MORE »


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